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Become an ABC Agent

Jointly developed new markets with the Apex Portal Foundation and the Apex Business Club (ABC)

Apex Portal Foundation has developed a concept for an economic world wide data network in cooperation with local business services, offices, and lifestyle locations in all major destinations. Experience the diversity of events organised by specifically-chosen and licensed ABC-Agent worldwide

Benefits of becoming an Agent

New Revenue Opportunity if you belong to one of these Topic Areas :

  1. Art / Culture
  2. B2B - Communication
  3. B2B - Marketplace
  4. Business Services
  5. Education / Literature
  6. Entertainment
  7. Environmental
  8. Events / Venues
  9. Foundations, Clubs, Associations
  10. Gourmet / Restaurants
  11. Go Green
  1. Health / Beauty
  2. Jobs & Careers
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Media
  5. Real Estate
  6. Regional Info / Local Marketplace
  7. Science / Technology
  8. Shopping
  9. Sports
  10. Transportation
  11. Travel / Tourism
  • Earn a commission for each transaction, sent or received, which is made from your business partners recruited with your Apex Portal partner account
  • Enhance the relationship with your existing consumers or view new customers by offering them a convenient service

Value-added Services. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection.

You will receive a free Startup Kit – Complete with training and promotion materials. Training and software updates are provided free of charge.

Apex Portal also provides 24-hour customer service support, and best in class compliance program.

Global Brand Recognition Apex Portal  is the name consumers recognize and rely on for easy and fast business service know how. …

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How to become an Agent

STEP 1: Yes! I want to become a Apex Portal® Agent
If you are interested in becoming a  Apex Portal®  Agent, or would like more information about this opportunity, please click the button below to fill out and submit the online form.
Fill out online form

STEP 2: A Apex Portal representative will contact you and will guide you through our qualification and enrollment process

Benefits for your consumers

Becoming a  Apex Portal ® Agent will enable you to offer the following benefits

  • Extensive Network and access to local and global network with ABC.Experts with the latest local information and use of locations with latest state of the art.
  • Loyalty Programme With the ABC-  Gold Card, your consumers save time and collect points for each qualifying ABC-Gold Card Transaction. Find out more about the programme. www.abcgoldcard.apexportal.com
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Become an Agent
  1. What is needed to offer the ABC- ® Service?
  2. How will I earn money with ABC ?
  3. Who is responsible for setting the price for theABC  Service?
  4. How is a ABC - Money Transfer processed?
  5. Will I be able to process ABC - Services to any destination?
  6. What support will I receive from ABC ?
  7. What do I need to know about Anti Money Laundering (AML) rules?

1. What is needed to offer the ABC® Service?

  • To offer the ABC -  Service your business needs to be equipped with a computer, and an Internet connection.
  • Once you have installed the software provided by ABC  to process the transactions, you will be able to offer the service and earn a commission on each ABC Transfer that is sent or received from your business.

2. How will I earn money with Apex Portal?

As an ABC - Agent, you will earn a commission on the fee for each successful transaction sent via your Apex ID code  received ABC you process. The more you send or receive, the more you earn.

3. Who is responsible for setting the price for the ABC -  Service?
The fee tables are provided by yourself and will be evaluated with ABC – headquarters.  Our prices worldwide should be acceptable and attractive.
The accepted prices will be uploaded automatically  in the ABC System. The System will calculate regarding the accepted prices the fee to be paid by the customer.  
The fee varies depending on the destination and the amount of the ABC – Services .

  • In case of individual request of customer, the prices has to be send to main admin of partner.
  • In case of ABC Partner of country A is sending his costumper to ABC Partner in country B.
  • A receives also commission of this transaction.

4. How is a ABC  Business Services processed?

Requesting ABC – Services by Client

Consumer fills out the ABC – Match making Form and give it online in  

1. ABC looking for offers Only accepted Agents are able to have insight in the personal data of client and are able to contact him.
2. Client choose Agent by himself in the ABC – Database and sends via system his online request form.

Requesting ABC – Services by other ABC Agent  by Client

3. ABC Partner A send his client to ABC Partner B and receives from Partner A commission for this transaction in case of successful business.

Steps 1,2,3 : All has to be done via automatically system.


  •  Agent enters consumer information of ABC System, checks identification of user or ABC partner and collects the requests and the send bill.
  • Customer has also to pay in advance minimum 25% of his requested services.
  • Agent has consumer sign the receipt and provides the consumer with a copy of the receipt.

Receiving ABC – Services and forwarding to Experts

  • Consumer fills out the ABC - Business Service Request  Form and gives it to the ABC - Agent.
  • Agent enters consumer information into the ABC  System, checks identification, and provides the business service transfer to respective ABC Agent  and a copy of the receipt to the consumer and upload the receipt in the ABC – System.  

5. Will I be able to process ABC – Services  to any destination?
Yes! You will enable your consumers to arrange Business Services and get local support, even money transfers around the corner or across the globe to ABC -  Agent locations in other  countries and territories worldwide

6. What support will I receive from ABC ?

  • Once you have been enrolled as an Agent, our operations team will support you in getting started and making your first transaction. You will receive a free startup kit, complete with training and promotion material.
  • Training and software are provided free of charge by ABC.
  • As a ABC  Agent, you will have access to a 24-hour customer service support to answer all the questions you may have with regards to offering the service.

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